Offered by Home James founder, Amy Kitchen, this list isn’t exhaustive.
If you have a project you’re currently working on and would like some advice – get in touch!



Whether you’ve always wanted an antique bar cart or have a bare naked room and you don’t know where to start, I can help. If you’re looking for a sofa for your round living room or have the perfect piece of art in mind for over the mantle and don’t know where to find it, I can source it.


If you’ve always wanted to buy or sell at auction, and are confused by the process I can walk you through all the steps. Whether it is rummaging through an estate sale to find special pieces for your home, or consigning a piece for sale I know the ins and outs of buying and selling.


Do you have an object in your collection you would like more information on? I have academic and professional experience researching fine and decorative art objects and their makers. With access to some of the world’s best resources, I would love to help solve your art history mysteries!


Proper documentation and archiving is of the utmost importance in keeping your company or family’s history safe. I am available to digitally archive and database any type of collection and have experience with archival handling practices, archival documentation standards and database design.